The API-documentation will guide you on how to use the REST-API or JavaScript SDK to set up the Hello Retail Search & Recommendation products. You have access to the JavaScript SDK if you have the tracking script added to your website. You can find the script in the menu under Settings -> Tracking Script.
Due to historic reasons the API is located on the domain.

Event binding

When using the JavaScript SDK it is important that you ensure that the Hello Retail (addwish) script has been loaded before calling the methods. In most cases it means wrapping the calls in an event-binding method like:
_awev=(window._awev||[]);_awev.push(["bind", "context_ready", some_callback_method()]);
You can read more about the event-binding options here.

General support documentation

If you are looking for general support documentation it can be found here.
If you want a cookbook on how to begin setting up the solution through the API then read this support article.
If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, then please feel free to reach out to the Hello Retail support team via phone or email.
Last modified 1yr ago